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Stamps for Sale at Treasure Coast Stamps

united-states-postage-3You can find many 1000’s of stamps for sale at Treasure Coast Stamps to add to your stamp collection. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find at Treasure Coast Stamps and why stamp collectors from all over the world regularly purchase stamps and other philatelic items from us. We have thousands and thousands of different postage stamps from classic issues of the 1800’s to modern stamps fresh from the post office, available in our online shops in all different price ranges.


Starters’ Stamps from Other Countries

You can visit our Hipstamps E-Store to view stamps from different countries. Our Bidstart E-Store has over 18,000 different stamps from more than 300 countries around the world. The stamps for sale are available as singles, sets, souvenir sheets and FDC’s with costs ranging from $1 and up. If you’re a collector who loves stamps from foreign lands, this is the best place to add more stamps to your collection.


Middle-Range Stamps for Sale

Our Delcampe E-Store has collectible stamps with prices ranging at $100 and below. These are more unique and valuable stamps from other countries, but strong in USA issues, that come in a mix of used and mint, sets, singles and souvenir sheets.


High-End Stamps for Sale

For serious collectors who want to find scarce stamps and other hard-to-find pieces, check out our Ebay Store. Historical stamps and even high dollar Private Treaty items are available in our Ebay shop for bidding or negotiation. Costs of our items at Ebay range from $100+ and below, except our Private Treaty items which are all over $200. These stamps come from over 250 countries across the globe.
Classic Stamps for Sale

Talk about USA and Great Britain 1800’s classic stamps – we have them! Our store is filled with many old stamps that are highly coveted by serious stamps collectors. Visit our official website for more information.


Our Physical Location and Owner

If you want to stop by at our physical location, you may do so by calling 772-418-1042 or email to set up an appointment for your visit. Our office is located in the heart of the historic Downtown Fort Pierce Florida 34950 USA. The business owner, Mr Ralph Chapin has collected stamps for more than 50 years and has been a member of the American Philatelic Society for over 30 years.


We currently list on the internet more than 20,000 stamps. We do our best to update our listings daily as soon as we have new stamps available – so check our links regularly for new arrivals. We continue to grow by adding more collectibles and highly-sought after pieces from different countries worldwide. Our stamps for sale are generally in fine to very fine condition and all historical pieces are authentic.


For the convenience of our online shoppers, we ship out your puchased stamps properly protected and packaged. Considering the Postal Service cut-off times and holidays, it is our standard procedure to ship out your stamps the same day we received payment from you. Please do note that for check payments, there may be a 5-day hold to clear personal checks.


Unique, genuine stamps for sale can be yours through Treasure Coast Stamps so don’t hesitate to check out our online stores to view our amazing and extensive collection of stamps.