Of all the Latin American countries, the region surrounding Buenos Aires showed the least promise as a colony to the Spanish empire due to the fact it did not hold the gold and silver the Spaniards desired. As a result of less pressure from outside sources, Argentina established independence relatively early in 1816.

Between 1858 to 1892, collectors of Argentina stamps refer to this span of years as the Classical Period. At this point there are many commemorative stamps marked by their dates. Also, there were issues of provincial stamps which include stamps from Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Corrientes.

The first Argentinian stamp did not appear until 1858, around the same time when a strong central government and an official Constitution were established by the leader Justo José de Urquiza. The first stamp actually featured the seal of the new born Argentina confederacy to celebrate this new found freedom.


Many of the early stamps during the Classical Period featured portraits on figures of the Independence movement. In the early establishment of Argentinian independence, a ruthless dictator by the name of Juan Manuel de Rosas ruled. After his fall, the stability of the country brought on by members of Independence movement probably inspired the popularity of these stamps.

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