Philatelic Tools

philatelic tools


These are some of the basic tools that you will need if you have a desire to be a Philatelist. These tools are good for basic stamp collections. These tools will help make your stamp collecting a lot easier so you could have a better experience.


The basic tools for stamp collecting are:


Stamp TongsStamp Tongs

Don’t mistake these for eyebrow tweezers. Stamp tongs are tweezers used to handle post stamps. They have a smooth inner surface and rounded edges to prevent damage to delicate stamps. This is perhaps the most basic tool you need for collecting stamps.




Generally, you need a 2-power basic magnifier. Magnifiers or a magnifying glass is an optical device that enlarges your view of a subject. Magnifiers with LED lighting are also good options as they will provide better illumination to the stamp you’re holding.



Stamp HingesStamp Hinges

Standard stamp hinges are fine for used stamps. Generally speaking, you should use stamp mounts for mint stamps.




Stamp Albums Stamp Albums

You can buy a commercially produced album which come in many variations and price ranges or make your own. Caution, if you make your own, use only acid free paper. Also, you don’t have to have stamp album, there are other ways to collect.




Glassine EnvelopesGlassine Envelopes

These are really handy for sorting stamps and/or storing duplicate materials. Glassine envelopes come in a bunch of different sizes and prices.




Stamp Stock BookStamp Stock Book

This is a bound book with slots or pockets to hold stamps, can be from 12 to 48 pages and large or small. very handy for organizing your stamps.




Stock PagesStock Pages

Stock pages come in Manila style or black. They easily load into a three ring binder and make stamp organizing a breeze.