AMG Allied Military Government Issues, 1946-1948

On May 7, 1945, the German forces unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, at the order of General Alfred Jodl, who signed the agreement at Reims. After that, it was up to the Allies to take over governance of the defeated German state, including handling the printing of postage so that letters could still be sent.

0Collectors can find many examples of AMG Allied Military Government Stamps, and many American-British issue stamps, though some stand out as a particularly unique. In general, many collectors find these stamps very plain, and they often receive criticism for their drab appearance. That said, they are an important part of history, representing one of the biggest conflicts the world has ever seen. Here are a few in this genre to consider:


  • Stamps issued by Austria during this timeframe are of particular interest. Some believed Austria to be a supporter of German aggression, while others viewed the country as a victim. Either way, there was only one set of AMG Allied Military Government Stamps issued in Austria before the country regained independence. Local issues then resumed, though some were printed on the remnants of the AMG issues, overprinted with the word “PORTO.”
  • Venezia Giulia was a region located in the northeast corner of Italy; at that time, it intersected with what was referred to as Yugoslavia in 1945. This area had stamps that were created by applying an imprint over the local stamps bearing the AMG-VG sigil.


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